WOT - Were an Polish-English progressive light fusion band formed at Walton-on-Thames, Surrey in 2015. We're much more concerned with feel

Peter Prentygast - Lead Vocals, Guitar

Front man Peter is one of the former members of WOT. 

He is the man behind the lyrics and tasteful vocal melody lines. 

"Happy to be part of this band. As long as there is Whiskey on the table I`m happy"


Peter Makulski - Keyboard

Peter is another one of the former members of WOT. His musical knowledge and talent helps creating complex harmonies that are strong trademarks of the `WOT` sound. Peter is also a virtuoso soloist adding juicy solo parts to their songs.


"Roads? -  Where we are going.

We don`t need roads" ​

JM Calabig - Drums

The man who brings the power to the band!

JM is a multi instrumentalist, He plays guitar and keyboard (and sings great but He does not admit it!)

???   :)    - Lead Guitar

WOT are seeking their new Guitar Player at the moment. If you 

think you were born to be a rock star then please contact the band

on the below email address immediately. 

Andrzej Dziekonski - Bass Guitar

Andrew has been playing with WOT for the past 2 years.

He is the man behind the low frequencies. Without his playing it

would be tea or coffee without sugar.